Thursday, August 22, 2013

Minion Cupcakes!

Back to school this week for my little sweeties so I'm getting some time to myself.  I love it but I miss them at the same time...we got to do so many fun things this summer, but man, they are exhausting! We spent last week in Captiva Island and it was so beautiful and relaxing. The girls did a lot of jet skiing, fishing, swimming, crab races and we even took a dolphin cruise on the last day (my fav). I will be back to share a canvas I created later in the week while I was there.
 So I was grocery shopping when I saw that Twinkies had indeed returned! One of my daughters had never tried them and the other always refused because she thought they were really corn dogs and that I was trying to trick her! I had pinned this "minion" cupcake pin a while back and thought it would make a fun back to school treat for the girls to make.
 This is how theirs came out ~

Arent they cute? I love how each one has it's own little personality and expression!  These were so easy for the girls to make, and fun...just cut the Twinkies in half, drew details in black frosting pens and slapped some smarties on for eyes. 

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