Sunday, June 9, 2013

My First (Two) Scrapbook pages that took me longer than 5 minutes

Ok disclaimer: I always thought scrapbooking was kind of lame, I could barely manage to print out my pics and put them in the photo album. I did have a few of my oldest, who is almost 9 but that's it.  It all started when my recently turned 6 year old said; "hey, where are all the pictures of me?" Busted.  Time to locate the external hard drive, look through thousands of pics and figure out how to put them somewhere to then up load to be developed. SO. MUCH. WORK> seriously, it took hours...but that sweet little toothless face wants pictures so you figure it out!
OMG I had no idea that sheer amount of choices/products/services there were out there to get started with scrapbooking.  Let me back track and say that I had first discovered that through Pinterest, and some artist's wonderful tutorials and endless inspiration, that I could start to create some mixed media projects that I had always loved.  Then the art journalling....then the altered projects, mini books, tags and finally scrapbooking.  I was hooked. But.  It is all so beautiful and overwhelming I often don't know where to begin. I've watched thousands of videos, read everyone's blogs I could find, and even took a few classes but I do struggle with keeping my focus and finishing the projects I start.  So of course as soon as I joined the Paper People FB group I decided that I must start doing scrapbooking immediately! I admit, I don't know what I'm doing, I've barely printed photos out but I've jumped in with both feet and tried to incorporate some fun elements like stamping and stenciling that I so enjoy seeing in other's pages.  The talent out there is AMAZING!!! From the beautiful elegance of Lisa Gregory to the awesome grungy-ness of Anai Dembrowska these woman (and A few men) are true artists in every way!! Once again, I love to look at this yummy eye candy, can't get enough, but then I get sad and think "I can't do that." Why bother? I don't even know HOW to do most of these techniques.  But then I remind my self that I want to create because it's fun and because I feel compelled and because it feeds me in a way that leaves me very satisfied when I am done.  So what if I'm no where near talented as these people, I just started for heaven's sake! My most recent favorite quote is "don't compare your beginning to other peoples middles" or something like that.  And I must keep reminding myself of that! Wow did I enjoy the process of creating these pages and that is what it's all about!  I don't know how to make them not warp so much or how to store them but I'll learn.  People in this community have been so awesome and supportive and helpful. I also want to thank the few people who signed up to follow the blog and for all the wonderful comments and emails I have received.  Thank you all so much!! (I really do hope to scrounge up a few more subs though!)
Enough first 2 real scrapbook pages ever!!!

This is our boxer Prince and I just love him to death! I had so much fun spraying mists, using modeling paste, and adding the embellishments, even a little crown because his name is Prince!

Of course I had to do my girlies next or they would've killed me!! This is them having a tea party a few years ago...I just thought it went so well with the Prima papers.  I love this fairy chipboard! I think I may gesso the flowers now that I'm looking at the pic on my computer.  I get so nervous that I'm going to destroy the beautiful flowers!!

As always, I appreciate comments & feed back, thanks for looking!


  1. Holy OH EM GEE Sarah??? Your first???Seriously??? They are simply amazing!! Beautiful in fact!! Love your turned back rolls and the banner and your layering is awesome!! And dont kid your self about not being talented. I see some amazing talent in just these 2 scrapbook pages. We all started somewhere. You should see my first 2!!! lol..Not nearly as good as yours! But I learned as you did, by watching videos, and stalking blogs and participating in forums and before you know it I had my own style, and a bunch of followers!! And I have met some amazing people in this industry! One day a few years ago, Anna Dabrowska featured a couple of my layouts on one of her blogs (before she was famous) The article was about grunge...And that is where my love for incorporating a little grunge in my work began.We all start somewhere, and we all learn from someone. Glad I am able to inspire you. Thank you for your kind words!!

  2. I'm afraid to show you what my first two pages look like! They're awful! lol. Love your sweety, Prince. He's so handsome!