Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some really exciting news (for me) and a pretty quick gift idea!

Hello...I haven't posted in two weeks I just realized! We had company in my art (guest) room, Thanksgiving...a birthday, Christmas craziness, ect. so I have been missing my messy little world. I do have some really exciting news though: starting in Jan 2014 I will be on the Genuinely Jane Studios design team!!! They manufacture and sell real wood "books" in different shapes to alter or take apart for limitless art/craft projects.  They also have a store selling all kinds of supplies for art! Go check them out if you haven't already. I love their products and I can't wait to get to play with some goodies in the new year!

 I got a chance to play with some ICE resin by Susan Lenart Kazmer over the weekend with my 8 year old daughter and it was SO easy and SO fun! I had bought this tube a few months ago at Hobby Lobby ($11.99 but used my 40% off coupon).
 I took out all my bezels that I had been hoarding and mixed up the resin.  You depress both tubes with your thumbs, mix it up and wait 5 minutes. Easy right?  I also took a tooth pick and pulled out a few of the air bubbles.  Then you decide what you want to put in the bezels and fill em up.  The package says it takes about 12 hours to dry/cure. You can add some things, let the resin dry, then add more to have a layered effect but we were too impatient to wait for that!  My daughter and I had a blast playing with these...we put gears, glitter, metal words..and even ice cream sprinkles! I want to try adding paper  and sentiments next time.  You have to seal them first so the resin doesn't ruin it and I just wanted to keep it really simple for the first time.  We added some pretty ribbon and mailed them off to a few special people for Christmas.  Easy, fun, inexpensive!

Here they are all done...this is from one tube:

Have a great day!

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